About Magellan Health Services, Inc.

Headquartered in Avon, Conn., Magellan Health Services, Inc., is a leading specialty health care management organization with expertise in managing behavioral health, radiology and specialty pharmaceuticals, as well as public sector pharmacy benefits programs. Magellan delivers innovative solutions to improve quality outcomes and optimize the cost of care for those we serve. Magellan's customers include health plans, employers and government agencies, serving approximately 31.4 million members in our behavioral health business, 18.1 million members in our radiology benefits management segment, and 4.9 million members in our medical pharmacy management product.

In addition, the specialty pharmaceutical segment serves 43 health plans and several pharmaceutical manufacturers and state Medicaid programs. The company's Medicaid Administration segment serves 25 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit www.MagellanHealth.com.

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What employees say

“I'm part of a team of talented individuals who care about the direction of my department and the company's goals. I am mentored and respected on a daily basis.”
“There is a true sense of commitment by all the people I work with. My supervisors are honest, fair and very understanding. I work in an area were everyone is respected and appreciated.”
“The commitment Magellan has made to its members and the efforts upper management have made with programs such as Heroes for Hire.”
“He has high integrity, is fair, open to feedback, even tempered, intelligent, a great mentor and respectful.”
“Outstanding boss and great team environment make coming to work each day a joy!”
“I feel that upper management is always looking for new ventures and new avenues to expand Magellan's growth. The more we grow, the more secure I feel.”
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