About Asymmetrik, Ltd

Since 2008, we've become one of the leading hybrid technology and analytics firms on the East Coast, partnering with some of the world's most dynamic organization to solve complex problems others can't. As an organization built by industry veterans and subject matter experts, we have the resources, methods, and culture of accountability that modern software engineering environments demand. We combine our strengths with our clients' knowledge to better understand industries and develop key technological solutions together. Working closely with our clients, we bridge gaps between business manager, analysts, and engineers - giving voice to unspoken organizational challenges and converting ideas into powerful products quickly.

Specializing in DoD contracting, cybersecurity and healthcare, we use rapid prototyping to distill massive amounts of data and organizational feedback into solutions that work across department and disciplines.

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What employees say

“We work hard, we care about quality, we only hire the best, most talented individuals, and we focus on making sure our customers succeed.”
“I have the freedom to succeed and explore new ways to solve problems.”
“I have the flexibility I want and co-workers who are supportive. I also have the opportunity to learn new skills along the way.”
“The environment is amazing, the work we do is meaningful, and we are encouraged to push ourselves and the products to the next level.”
“I like what I do, the people are fun to work with, the company has great benefits and management cares about everyone”
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